Invest With Us

A2 Investment Group in interested in the opportunity to work with investors on new projects and proposals. We co-invest our own capital along side the investor, creating an alignment of interests and an incentive to perform.

A2 Investment Group’s in-house professionals carefully manage each element of the acquisition and design process to increase the likelihood of the successful acquisition of an existing property or the development of a new property at an attractive price. This process of due diligence includes:

Contact Joel Assouline for more information about investment opportunities:

Joel Assouline | Managing Partner

Due Diligence

Analysis of the supply and demand dynamics in the selected market or submarket.
Thorough review of the existing or proposed financial structure of the property.
Cost Savings
Detailed review of building expense and analysis of potential operating cost savings.
Market Validation
Market validation of leasing assumptions and identification of prospective new tenants.
In-house Management and coordination of environmental consultants, legal counsel and tax experts and other professionals both within and outside of our organization.


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